I know it sounds crazy. Who would be addicted to lack, being broke and not having enough. So I decided to revisit my own experiences as well as those I’ve encountered through the years. After much consideration, I see how possible it is to be addicted to a less than favorable financial situation. But like […]

What separates the normal from the extraordinary? The average from the overachiever? A person that settles, from someone that won’t settle for less. I think the answer can change lives, create opportunities, bridge gaps, open doors, relieve stress. It may sound like I’m attempting to sell you something today, but in essence I’m providing you […]

The U.S. Mint prints about $600 Million dollars daily. In my 30 plus years I have yet to find a time factory that makes more time…have you found that? If you have please tell me where it is. Time is the most valuable commodity. We never seem to have enough of it. Everyone is time-strapped, […]

You decide every moment of every day: Who you are and what you believe in. You get a second chance every second. Spring is upon us and along with spring comes thoughts of new beginnings and in these uncertain times most welcome new beginnings. Jobs aren’t as dependable as they once were, which requires many […]

Buying something you don’t really really need when you’re stressed, bored or needing a boost of self-esteem is defined as emotional spending. Impulse buying, while giving you a temporary emotional boost, can wreak havoc on your budget and prevent you from having money for future needs or to put in savings. Learn how to avoid […]

There is a good chance that some time in your life you felt your back is against the wall. You know a bill is overdue and you don’t have the money to cover it, The bank says they have to foreclose on your home and you don’t have anywhere to go or you get laid […]

Have you ever heard the saying, “relationships make the world go around?” well it’s true. It’s not always about how much you know, but also who you know, but even more importantly, who knows you. Being able to connect with others emotionally is so crucial to build a strong relationship, and to have more than […]

What’s pushing you to success? When it comes to your personal finances there are 4 things that may be pushing you, Goals, vices, challenges or naysayers. Here’s how this works, sure we’re always being pushed but it’s our job to make sure it’s in the right direction. It’s easy to allow yourself to be pushed […]

5 Steps Are you ready to reduce stress, by taking the guess work out of your day? Life gives us enough surprises on it’s own.  You can begin changing your life by asking yourself what do I need to accomplish in the next 90 days to succeed and what have I done in the last […]

It’s true that at some time or other we all fail at least once, while some us take a little longer to learn the lessons so we may fail multiple times.   Failure is depressing and makes you feel like you can’t get out of bed and nothing is worth it and nothing will ever work […]

Many articles have been written on the law of attraction. The general idea is that the more we focus on one particular thing, the easier it is for that thing to manifest itself in reality. If start each month believing you will not have enough, the business will never work or you’ll always be broke, […]

Do you realize blaming has no value, nor will it solve any of your problems? Instead you must focus on making yourself better instead of blaming to feel superior or give yourself an out or escape clause. When you blame, others are seen as less making you the blamer “perfect”. You must realize your own […]