Are you Self-Sabotaging Your Financial Success? By Clyde Anderson Economic Renewal Expert “Success is, knowing your purpose in life, growing to our maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others” ~John Maxwell What have you been waiting for to go after the life you envision? Maybe it hasn’t been the right time, waiting for kids […]

“If you don’t name your dollars, they will tell you where they will go and give you a name…broke.” ~Clyde Anderson I learned years ago that at the Harvard School of Divinity they teach discipline of thought before they teach doctrine. What that tells me is no matter who you are before you can learn […]

If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t, you’re right. -Henry Ford When you begin to think about the change that you want or need to experience in your life it must begin with a belief that you can overcome where you are right now. It can be difficult to have that […]

Sometimes it feels like we’ve been walking for miles and miles in the desert heat with no water or a sign of relief in sight. You may be tired and growing frustrated. Everything that could go wrong has. You’re walking such a tight line financially that a slight hiccup could totally push you over the […]

What’s an hour of your time worth? We all get the same amount of time in a day, no matter who you are. We have chosen to use them differently, which usually separates those that achieve a level of success from those that don’t. In this exercise we’ll Identify how much time it takes you […]

Quite often we find ourselves with many negative thoughts going through our mind. This usually occurs because we haven’t formulated plays or plans of action to defeat them. These debilitating thoughts can become very powerful as they circle the tracks in our minds. The problem is that the more we focus on these thoughts, the […]

How bad do you want to have financial success? That’s the question you must ask yourself before you read any further. Are you willing to change, sacrifice or create new habits that help foster success? Taking a close look at your habits provides insight into what has worked so far for you, but it also […]

Financial success looks different to everyone on this planet. No one has the perfect meaning of success although many try to accomplish the right look. If you want true happiness and long-term success, you must define what financial success means to you and have a vision of what success looks like in your own life. […]

The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum. ~Frances E. Willard Many articles have been written on the law of attraction. The general idea is that the more we focus on one particular thing, the easier it is for that thing to manifest […]

Have you been not just waiting, but working on something that hasn’t yet come to pass? Meaning are you on hustling hard, but seem to be hustling in place? I can remember feeling lost, confused or like I was stuck. No matter how much energy I exerted my position didn’t change and I couldn’t see […]

I know it sounds crazy. Who would be addicted to lack, being broke and not having enough. So I decided to revisit my own experiences as well as those I’ve encountered through the years. After much consideration, I see how possible it is to be addicted to a less than favorable financial situation. But like […]

The wife of a man from the company of the prophets cried out to Elisha. She said, “My husband is dead. You know how much respect he had for the Lord. But he owed money to someone. And now that person is coming to take my two boys away. They will become his slaves.” 2 […]