Sometimes it feels like we’ve been walking for miles and miles in the desert heat with no water or a sign of relief in sight. You may be tired and growing frustrated. Everything that could go wrong has. You’re walking such a tight line financially that a slight hiccup could totally push you over the line. The journey has been long and you feel like you can’t see the progress You feel like you’re moving forward but not really going anywhere. You have made it through many challenges. You’ve overcome many obstacles only to now to feel like you’re lost in the middle of a forest.

Don’t Regret Your Journey and the choices.

Life is about learning rather than regrets. You have traveled a road that was overgrown with weeds instead of taking the path that appears to be clear. You realize the rewards are more plentiful on the path that was least traveled, but it was also risky because the odds of getting lost. Your past mistakes and failures should fuel your future. Recognize and learn from the lessons that had the ability to cause you to stop but didn’t.

Know Yourself

By knowing how you think, operate and act help those that are close to us understand our process as well as allowing you to see certain characteristics in you that may help them to manage them better.

See the BIG picture & Plan

You must know without a shadow of a doubt that this is a temporary situation and you will move through it. Prepare as though you are already through the storm. See yourself on the other side of your troubles. Create plan the consist of you deciding where you want to be, what it takes to get there and follow the necessary steps

Eliminate the Brush

You now had to work in order to cut and nip your way out of the wilderness, you had to prune and chop down those things that weren’t supposed to be there or carried no value. You had to eliminate the obstacles that are keeping you from financial freedom. You have overcome so much and now you have to make a decision. Is it time to give up and quit or persevere.

Find Your Focus

Focus on one thing that will help you overcome your current financial situation. Allow that one thing to live in your subconscious eventually becoming a routine or habit. A laser is effective because it’s a concentrated source of energy committed to completing the task to move forward.

Walk Towards the Goal Daily

Just because you feel lost, doesn’t mean you actually are. This is when you realize that giving up hurts more than continuing, so you push a little harder. Now the goal became to keep walking even when you feel like stopping. You see that as long as you keep walking you would eventually come out of the wilderness, but if you stop, you might be lost forever.

Soon you’ll learn to be happy in the midst of the forest. You learn to deal with the challenges and are determined to push through. As the sun rises on the new day you found solace in believing that you are going in the right direction because you feel your dreams and desires are pulling you.

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