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Advertising with and Radio One is the most effective way to reach the urban Atlanta market. That’s not marketing speak, it’s a fact.

With just one buy you can reach your target audience on Radio-One’s four local websites as well as the large number of Atlanta-specific visitors on the rest of our network of national sites.

You can also combine your online campaign with the vast reach of WPZE – Atlanta’s #1 Inspiratioin Station and our other local Atlanta radio stations to attract new business both on air and online.

For marketing solutions designed for your business need including:

  • Commercial Advertising
  • Datebase marketing
  • Events
  • Sampling
  • Recruiting
  • all ONLINE integrated campaigns

Mike DeAmicis
Office Phone: 404.765.9750
Office Fax: 404.688.7686

For advertising inquiries and political/candidate rate requests please contact: Michael DeAmicis at 404-832-7280  Tim Davies at 404-765-9750.