Have you been not just waiting, but working on something that hasn’t yet come to pass? Meaning are you on hustling hard, but seem to be hustling in place? I can remember feeling lost, confused or like I was stuck. No matter how much energy I exerted my position didn’t change and I couldn’t see my way out. The reality is that you may be at the place you are for a reason. You may be able to position yourself to move forward, but maybe it’s just not time. This doesn’t mean to stop, quit or give up. What it does mean is that you have to posses the skills you need to work through were you are to land in a position you desire to be in. In order to overcome you must follow a few steps that have the ability to help you move past were you are and even see where you truly desire to be.

The sum of all your experienced are used as the pieces that make you who you are and will be. The outcome of getting through the middle is that you get to use what you’ve learned in your new endeavors on the horizon which I pray you’re really passionate about. But getting there is a process, that unfortunately/fortunately depending on how you look at usually has you feeling lost.

Here are a few steps to help you avoid your middle from becoming your primary residence:

Accept Your Current Situation. First, accept that’s the way things are, for now. Having the awareness of your situation, and then fully accepting it, are the only “ways through” to do something about it.

Let go. Start by dropping or at least temporarily letting go of the things you can’t control. Tune out the noise of things that don’t add value to your life or have the potential of causing distractions. Release your current expectations you have for yourself, others in your sphere and the world we live in. Let go of things that are not yours to do.

Realize worrying solves nothing. Did worrying get you through the last thing you went through? I would venture to say it was a combination of faith, action and beleif. When you worry about things you can’t control you are really turning your energy away from what you can control to what you cannot.

Just Be. Sit still for a moment and recognize the ebb and flow of life. Fill the open space that appears you have with gratitude for all the good in your life.

Be gentle with yourself. We often treat ourselves worse than our worst enemy would. You must give yourself a break and know that it’s ok to make mistakes or flat out fail because those are the moments you learn major lessons.

Cultivate your Circle. Stay close to people who are important to you or can help you get through this. Surround yourself with people that make you happy, laugh and who are positive. It’s crucial to create an environment that fosters your change.

Practice Faith in Action. This can be defined as: doubt + commitment + action. It takes faith to make a commitment to act even in the face of your doubt. You must then turn your faith to action which turns your doubt into amazement, curiosity and drive that pushes you right past the middle when you’re ready and released.

Just remember, everything and everyone has a beginning, middle and end. Don’t see your middle as the finale but rather your pit stop for re-positioning yourself on the way to success.

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