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I’ve had so many reasons not to get up and go to the gym lately. The crazy thing is, it’s all in my head. I will think about going to the gym, plan it in my head that I am going, then when the time comes for me to go, I think about how tired I am. Why is being tired a justifiable reason to just sleep through the moment that I should be in the gym? Then I take a nap and wake up and think, “Now had I gone to the gym I would be back in the house by now and would be done, but again, I didn’t go.” This, my friend, is the ULTIMATE reason that I have gained back the pounds I’d lost a few years ago.  I have lost my motivation. Why? Because somehow I feel that I can still bring myself to look good to me.

THERE my friend is the CULPRIT. It’s ME and my thoughts of how I look. Did I just admit that I think I’m cute? Yeah I kind of did. LOLOL…and THAT is my PROBLEM. There are always stores that have clothes that are friendly to my curves and I just think that I have a great way of hiding my weight. THIS IS WHERE I NEED PRAYER. Because it’s what keeps my body from functioning at it’s best. I’m more focused on how I look and less focused on how my body performs. So when I get the tingling in my toes, and the aches in my legs and my back, I ignore those signs of being heavier than my body is used to and I just cover it up with a nice sarong. Forget the fact that now ALL of my jeans are too tight.  So what, I’ll wear Leggings’, maybe they will feel more comfortable anyway, who wants to wear jeans as hot as it is right? Are you seeing how my mind is talking me out of my health? GOD I HAVE TO CALL EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE AND PLACE IT UNDER THE SUBJECTION OF CHRIST!! I HAVE to get my mind right again and GET my HEALTHY BODY back and KEEP it!!! LOLOLOL!!!

So I saw a quote that totally helped me. It said “Shift from what your body looks like to what it can do.” Isn’t that an AMAZING way to change your mind? What can my body do? Well I admit, not as much as it could 2 years ago. I remember I used to run full speed up Stone Mountain nonstop. Now, I can barely WALK up the mountain without taking 4 breaks. I remember I would stay in the gym for a minimum of an hour and I would shape myself with weight and cardio, squats and everything. Now, my 43ness is showing up in EVERYTHING so I won’t even GO to the gym. So I am now gonna be less focused on how cute I can be in spite of the curves and guts and more focused on what my body can do as a result of rebuilding it’s strength.  Maybe I’ll look cute as a result.  Who knows?  :)