About Darlene McCoy

When you hear the name Darlene McCoy, the song “I’m Every Woman” would be the ideal preamble. She bears a plethora of titles in an attempt to define her. Mother, National Recording Artist, Radio Personality, Actress, Author, Songwriter, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Comedian, Speaker; and it is evident that we have not witnessed all that God has placed behind this bright shining star of a woman! She has made an iconic stamp in the gospel industry from the launch of her career in music keeping us eager for her next creative move.
Darlene McCoy was introduced to the Industry when she appeared on the Platinum Soundtrack of Tyler Perry’s first movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman with the powerful melodic hit song “Fallen in Love” from her Self Titled debut album that earned her 2 Dove Award Nominations. She released a single independently in 2011 called “I Shall Live and Not Die” that quickly raced up the gospel charts and landed in the movie “Somebody’s Child’ which features Lyn Whitfield and Michael Jai White.
She is the first African American Female to have a nighttime syndication as she hosts the Nightly Spirit with Darlene McCoy, through Reach Media. She has developed her brand as the nation\'s “Inspirational Girlfriend” where everyone endears her as “My girl Darlene McCoy \". Darlene is known for her bold and broad approach to controversial topics and she is spiritually centered with an undeniable anointing and call from God to reach her listeners. She makes cameo appearances periodically on the Nationally Syndicated “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” either singing the “Praise Break “ live in Studio, or giving an encouraging word for the day.
Darlene has gained IMBD credibility as she has appeared on the sitcoms “the Rickey Smiley Show” and “In Sickness and in Health”. Darlene has also appeared in stage plays and is continuously developing her craft as an actress. She has released several short films and videos on YouTube that has gained well over a half a million views to accompany her hysterically hilarious Comedy CD called “Random Foolishness”. Random Foolishness which features parodies of popular songs like Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” and her Hit “Take Me to Burger King”, a parody of Stellar Award Winning vocal powerhouse Tamela Mann. Darlene is Co-Founder, Writer and Co-Producer of Rickey Smiley’s Comedic Quartet group “Joe Willie and the Deuteronimaires”. Darlene McCoy is the Author of “Jenimac Moments, Inspirational Words of Wisdom” and the soon to be released “I Shall Live and Not Die-Survivor’s Manual”. She writes and inspires through Blogs and features these writings on her show with a segment called “Jenimac Moments” that touch the hearts of readers and listeners, as if they are in a one on one counseling session with Darlene McCoy.
One could only conclude that she is empowered and equipped with God’s divine Grace as this single mother of three maintains a poised position as a multi-faceted, gifted, entertaining, ministering media mogul we richly adore!

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