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1. Stop finding reasons to keep living an irresponsible and unhealthy lifestyle. Sometimes when you are over forty you get set in a particular way of life and consider it to be ok. It is about time for you to really get your health in order. You have given your body quite an experience over the years with your eating and even drinking habits. Pay attention to your body.

2. Stop blaming others for your mistakes and mishaps. You are too old not to take responsibility for where you are in your life. By now you have experience enough on your own to gauge what you should and should not do. You MUST stand on your own and navigate your life now.

3. STOP criticizing people for the way they have chosen to live their life. Especially young people. By now you have identified mistakes you have made in the past and you can do a lot more good by offering guidance to young people regardless of where they are, rather than losing their respect for you by criticizing them. You are now the generation they look up to for guidance and inspiration. Inspire them and be an example for them to see.

4. STOP Wearing your hair in braids with ponytails ma’am. This one needs no explanation.

5. STOP second guessing what you have to say. By now you have established who you are and most of the people that truly matter in your life have been in your life long enough to appreciate you be totally honest. So be honest, be straightforward and be real. You have earned the wisdom and right to speak your mind regardless.

What are the Top five things you feel that people over forty should stop doing?