The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum. ~Frances E. Willard

Many articles have been written on the law of attraction. The general idea is that the more we focus on one particular thing, the easier it is for that thing to manifest itself in reality. If you go into every situation believing you will lose, it becomes nearly impossible to win. But when you face an obstacle that appears to overpower you it becomes hard not to think about losing. Many of the negative thoughts we have appear to be bigger than life, but only because we make them so.

The mind often gravitates to what isn’t possible. Negative thoughts can make us anxious and depressed. This is why I recommend reading inspirational and motivational material daily and write your reflections and lesson you learn in your journal.

Imagine watching a basketball game and the losing team often feels defeated before the game is over but they don’t stop and allow those feelings to consume them if they are playing on a champion level and committed to success. They as we should be are motivated to go the distance.

The solution is to pick ourselves up and take charge. Just as our body responds positively to correct feeding, so our mind responds to being fed constructively. Everyone knows the long-term results of overindulging in a diet without nutritional value, yet many people feed themselves a diet of negative, self- defeating thoughts for years then wonder why they tend to feel anxious, depressed, inadequate or unsuccessful. It makes sense that we can only be what we think we are.

You must develop the following mindset:

Quitting isn’t an Option

It’s pretty simple when we think about it, “Don’t quit” is the key to success. By making a conscious decision to continue to work the plan is one of the biggest things you can do to eliminate negative thoughts.

Develop Locomotive Momentum

If feels good to accomplish a task. This provides satisfaction of a job well done. Challenge yourself to improve upon your previous attempts. Make it a game and continue to challenge yourself to do more each time. I often refer to this process as locomotive momentum as it takes a train a lot of energy and power to start moving, but when it begins to gain speed it becomes hard to stop and the effort decreases. The same is true for a plane. It uses the most fuel at take off, but eventually reaches a cruising altitude that allows it to glide through the sky to it’s destination using less fuel than required for take off.

Practice Positive Financial Affirmation (PFA)

Speaking those things which are not is if they were we build our confidence and use the power of words to remind us that we have the power to manifest that which we desire in our lives. By telling ourself, that we are good, better and the best, is the way of developing positive self affirmations. Constant reminder that we deserve it and we are worth it. Positive financial affirmations help in building positive fiscal esteem and positive affirmations for self confidence. Write some positive thoughts on three by five file cards and carry them with we wherever we go. Each time we need to displace a negative thought with a positive one, simply pull out our cards and start reading. This technique enables we to instantly displace negative thoughts and send them on their way.

• I responsible with my finances

• I know I deserve financial success.

• My only competition is me, and hence I shall strive for the best.

• I have the power to forgive myself for past errors and understand that I can have what I desire.

• I am extremely organized and all set to achieve my goals.

Eliminate Counterproductive Words

You must eliminate the Should have, Could have, Would have block that keep you from taking control of your life and actions. Also words like Can’t and try become crutch words that let us off the hook too easy.

We often desire security and end up being content with good, instead of great. We must not just settle. We must stop listening to fears, and decide not to seizing opportunities. These actions become the crutches of mediocrity and the excuses for your failure.

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