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Quite often we find ourselves with many negative thoughts going through our mind. This usually occurs because we haven’t formulated plays or plans of action to defeat them. These debilitating thoughts can become very powerful as they circle the tracks in our minds. The problem is that the more we focus on these thoughts, the more momentum we give them and the stronger they become, making it harder to stop these endless cycles of thoughts. It’s similar to a team that has been on a winning streak and eliminating every opponent in their path. They build confidence and intimidate the competition. The more games they win the stronger they become. In this case the momentum and success rate is the energy they need to reign in our minds. By thinking about these debilitating thoughts constantly and dwelling on them we are providing the power they need to expand. The more we feed our negative thoughts and ideas the more they grow and the more power they gain. The same is also true for our positive thoughts, therefore the goal should be to increase the positive thoughts and decrease or eliminate the negative ones. Sounds simple when we see it in writing, but if we’ve ever tried to change we know it’s one of the hardest things for us as humans to embrace. Although it’s hard it’s not impossible and with some intentional action we can take control of our thoughts and ultimately our financial lives.

Trusting yourself is even more important. By believing you can get through difficult times, make the right decisions and learn from your mistakes, you hold the key to a fulfilling life. It’s easy to believe the negative voices inside and outside your head that put you down. The inability to open up to hope is what blocks trust, and blocked trust is the reason for blighted dreams. Begin to hope again, then trust that your hearts desires are meant to be fulfilled.

The Issues

Anxiety- You can’t trust yourself when you’re on edge or feeling guilty. Minimize restrictive behavior by allowing yourself the occasional treat and only engaging in physical activity you really enjoy.

Not seeing your failures/mistakes as gifts – They’re valuable learning experiences because we learn the most from the things we do wrong.

Harboring regrets from the past – Learning from mistakes isn’t the same as feeling bad about what you did.

Self-Sabotaging – Forgive yourself for mistakes that you have made in the past. Then come up with solutions to avoid this behavior in the future. Watch what words you use and the things you say to yourself that can cause you to to doubt your ability and beat yourself up.

Not acknowledging your small wins – You must celebrate yourself, share with those that you trust and journal.

Ignoring your Intuition – Your gut will never lie, and will lead you to the correct decision, but you must be in tune to hear it speak, willing to listen and follow it’s instructions.

I will trust myself to make decisions that move me closer to accomplishing my goals.

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