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What separates the normal from the extraordinary? The average from the overachiever? A person that settles, from someone that won’t settle for less. I think the answer can change lives, create opportunities, bridge gaps, open doors, relieve stress. It may sound like I’m attempting to sell you something today, but in essence I’m providing you with an idea or a concept rather that is not new, but often under utilized or practiced. A pathway to help you get it…what is it? Simply put “It” is PREPARED. I view being prepared as Purpose, Redirected, Engaged, Pursuing, A, Realistic, Endeavor, Daily. In order to understand how to truly be prepared you must dissect this word and understand how each component relates not only to your life, but your Financial Life.


The reason for which something is done, created or why something exist. The question you must ask yourself is what is my financial purpose. We should always have our minds focused on our life’s purpose but many of us don’t take the time to consider what our financial purpose is or even means. Your financial purpose may be to be a blessing to someone else in order to help not only realize their dream, but rather God’s plan for their lives and the lives of others that they could potentially touch. In order to do that you must be a good steward over your finances, but you must also have a plan that consist of more than spending, but savings and sewing.


maybe you are already pointed toward the right direction that leads you to your purpose and the Financial Life that you have envisioned for yourself or that God has placed in your heart or maybe you need to find your direction. We often find our selves, stuck in one place financially because that is what we have been conditioned to do. We haven’t seen ourselves another way than we already are. We don’t know what the path to financial security and well being looks like because we have never been down the road nor have we had people in our lives that have helped provide direction down that road.


We must be committed and immersed in what it is that we want to achieve, receive or have access to. We must understand that in order to achieve a goal it must be specific and measurable in order to ensure our success, otherwise you are shooting in the dark for a target that will continue to elude you.


We must follow the thing that we want most and have a relentless drive toward receiving it. The goal is to not chase the money, but to position or be redirected in order to be in place to attract that which we need or desire.


many people often ask me what is a realistic goal for my finances? well the answer is whatever your mind can conceive is what is realistic for you. If you can think it you can create it, if you can imagine it you can manifest it. The key is that you have to know what that looks like for you based on your own gifts abilities and talents as well as the education you have received as it relates to hitting your mark.


We must always work hard to achieve the thing that we desire to obtain but must connect our finances to our world to receive.


The goal is to not just do this sometimes or when you happen to think about it, but rather every single day. You should have laser focus that points you in the center of the things you desire to bring into your financial life.

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