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Have you ever heard the saying, “relationships make the world go around?” well it’s true. It’s not always about how much you know, but also who you know, but even more importantly, who knows you. Being able to connect with others emotionally is so crucial to build a strong relationship, and to have more than just superficial interactions. When we want for others what we want for ourselves and truly care about their well-being it provides an amazing foundation for making real connections. Connecting with others comes from having empathy and caring about how they feel, just as we do about ourselves. Developing compassion and empathy will offer great security for a long-lasting relationship.

Follow the steps below to begin building relationships that help your bottom line:

Start with the end in mind

Determine what your connection needs are. Is there a role that you need to have filled a connection you need to create an opportunity? whatever it is you must know what your end game is going in. Once you know what you want to achieve it makes it easier to see the big picture and identify the perfect person for the job.

Determine what value you bring to the relationship

You must deposit before you can withdraw, the same way a bank works. You place your valuables inside and hopefully they will be returned with interest.

Listen well

Most people just wait for you to finish speaking so they can say something, totally neglecting or dismissing what you said. This isn’t the way to hold a conversation and definitely isn’t a way to build valuable relationships. Listen, process and be able to repeat what they said as this adds value to any conversation.

Know your Hook

Your message must keep the potential connection interested and wanting to know more. Some people call this the elevator pitch, but I call it a hook because you have a short window to grab their attention.

Do your homework

Know all you can about the prospect. research as much as you can about them to make sure they are a good fit for what you need, but also it’s pretty impressive when someone you meet knows your story.

After these things are done create a schedule to follow up and continue to engage prospect. Remember, out of sight out of mind.

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