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What’s pushing you to success? When it comes to your personal finances there are 4 things that may be pushing you, Goals, vices, challenges or naysayers. Here’s how this works, sure we’re always being pushed but it’s our job to make sure it’s in the right direction. It’s easy to allow yourself to be pushed by something that will lead you down a disastrous patch because the stimuli was designed to throw you off course if you don’t redirect it accordingly. For example you determine your goals and what you desire to achieve. That declaration should serve as motivation to help you accomplish the goal. If you choose to focus on vices you’re usually left unfulfilled, broke and with fleeting happiness.  challenges can either propell us or stop up in or tracks, but without a goal the odds tend to lean towards us being stuck. Lastly the naysayers have the same effect as challenges, but the difference is you’re doing it more for someone else other than yourself.  pushing u will lose focus and become distracted. Here are 5 steps to stay focused and use what pushes you to succeed in 2015…….


  1. Identify your goals and make them bigger than your vices
  2. Stop saying what you don’t want to happen
  3. Even if you can’t do a lot, do something
  4. Keep positive people you trust and value their opinion around (hot coals)
  5. Create a strong belief system focused on a spirit of gratitude