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It’s true that at some time or other we all fail at least once, while some us take a little longer to learn the lessons so we may fail multiple times.   Failure is depressing and makes you feel like you can’t get out of bed and nothing is worth it and nothing will ever work again. The challenge here can be not feeling like a failure even though you have failed. I got lucky. After failing so many times I perfected it into an art form. I don’t ever want to fail again. But if I do I will follow my own advice.


Even though we may want to overcome the feelings of inadequacy we are often help captive by our own thoughts that can be lies that sound true and we begin to believe them.  The thoughts are often debilitating, negative, joy stealing and opposite of what we truly want to attract into our lives.  When we can refocus our thoughts and have a plan of action we begin to see the light at the end of the table which I like to call hope.


Here are 5 ways to avoid feeling like a financial failure even though you’ve made mistakes:


Take Inventory

The simplest way to take control is list all your income, total it, list all you’re expenses and do the same.  This is how you will identify if you have a gap or a surplus.


Be Honest

You must be honest with yourself and those who may be able to help.  Once we get to a certain place it becomes very challenging to share your situation with anyone due to embarrassment.  The longer we keep it a secret the failures compound and the problem grows. Be honest about mistakes. Even if you are afraid of what people think. Remember you are human.


Remove the Barriers

What’s stopping you from making more money?  What’s stopping you from managing your finances better?  Once you identify ways you can earn more create a 3 step plan to get it.  Check out programs like to get tools to help manage your funds.


Set Goals & the Task Needed to Achieve Them

Once you identify what is needed to change your situation set a goal to accomplish it.  Once the goal is set, create the task you must complete to achieve the goal.  Stay focused on the task.


Believe that this Season is Temporary & Tell Yourself it’s Behind You

Practice affirming yourself and your situation often.  See yourself already overcoming your obstacles and crushing your goals. You must believe that it’s possible to reach your goal and feed your mind prosperity and positivity while working your plan.


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