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Many articles have been written on the law of attraction. The general idea is that the more we focus on one particular thing, the easier it is for that thing to manifest itself in reality. If start each month believing you will not have enough, the business will never work or you’ll always be broke, guess what? The odds are you will.  When you believe you will lose it becomes   nearly impossible to win.  But when they face an opponent that appears to be better, stronger, bigger and has a better record of winning it becomes hard not to think about losing.  Many of the negative thoughts we have appear to be bigger than life, but only because we make them so.


Notice what you complain about. If you are constantly frustrated or complaining about the same financial issues, you have uncovered an unconscious belief. If you are always complaining that you feel criticized by your partner or spouse about money, for example, which belief do you hold that suggests you deserve to be criticized? If you complain about how little you have, what belief do you hold that indicates you don’t deserve more?


You must develop a new conscious belief. Next, choose what you do want in your life and develop a belief to support it. If you want to have more money, replace your limiting belief of “I can never have enough money” with a better one: “Each day I make positive money decisions.” Go for greater abundance by replacing old beliefs such as “I don’t deserve it” with “I appreciate and embrace all the abundance in my life.” Repeat your new beliefs often. Practice it. Write it down. Consciously take actions that support those new thoughts. In time, you’ll form powerful new habits around your empowering beliefs.


If, for example, you replace your limiting belief that you don’t deserve more money with a better belief that you are deserving of abundance, you’ve got to start acting on that belief. Perhaps that action inspires you to a financial advisor. Maybe you will be more responsible with your money by openly appreciating it and the opportunity you have to be a good steward over those resources.


Changing your beliefs will alter your actions and that becomes life changing. When you uncover and detox from the unconscious draining beliefs that are keeping you stuck, your life will open up and expand. You’ll be free to adopt better beliefs and behaviors that will help you grow into your greatest self and create the financial life you desire.




Commit to your new beliefs and support them with consistent and specific action.

Don’t just say it act it.  Practice Do, Be, Have and watch your life begin to shift.



Write down your beliefs and repeat them daily

Experience a head heart hand moment and connect to your new beliefs.



Consciously take actions that support your new thoughts daily.


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