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The Atlanta Gospel Fest Music Health & Wellness Festival is a three day musical extravaganza designed to elevate your spirits while educating your mind, body and soul with an array of gospel music concerts, a series gospel music industry workshops and panels, wealth & finance empowerment segments and a multitude of free health care services […]

April 7th is World Health Day 2011. The World Health Organization(WHO) will introduce a six-point policy package to combat the spread of antimicrobial resistance.  We live in an era of medical breakthroughs with new wonder drugs available to treat conditions that a few decades ago, or even a few years ago in the case of […]

Just days after she was honored at the Grammys, Aretha Franklin has announced that she is returning to the stage on May 28th. The Queen of Soul told the Associated Press that she is operating at “150 percent,” and she scheduled her first post-surgery concert for May 28 in Buffalo, N.Y. Earlier that month, she […]

You’re more likely to get the flu during colder months, but by following these simple tips to fight germs, you can boost your odds for emerging from the season unscathed. Stay hydrated. Our body is made up of mostly water, and when we’re dehydrated, it’s just an extra stress on our system. Dryness—like a scratchy […]

It’s a new year and a great time to think about what really makes you happy. What motivates you? What are your career goals? Relationship goals? Financial goals? Having a clear sense of who you are, what you stand for and where you want to go in life can definitely help boost your self-esteem. Granted […]

Searching the internet for various resources, information and news is helpful for many of us who use the computer on a daily basis.  We shop, chat, blog and find out the latest fashion and entertainment news regularly.  Some are even fortunate to interact with their health care professionals online also. 

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us are looking forward to all of the delicious food we’re going to devour.  All of the items we normally refrain from to keep our bodies in presentable order we eat during this time. However, if you’ve turned up your workout and weight loss programs plus think […]

It’s Labor Day, the end of summer and probably the last time you’re going to get the grill out until next year. BBQ can be one of those things that turns unhealthy immediately but with these tips you can keep your cookout good for your body and delicious for your palate. 1. Go “Kebabing” Kebabs […]

From AOL Health: Just when you thought you were making the right decision of selecting iced tea instead of soda, new studies show that iced tea raises the risk of kidney stones. If you’ve suffered from kidney stones this summer it may be because you had too much iced tea. The popular summertime beverage has […]

From You may be on a roll and working out diligently, but it can be easy for you to backslide away from your work out agenda. It can sneak up on you slowly, but yet unexpectedly. When you’re stuck in a rut and no longer seeing progress, it’s important to figure out how to […]

Finding ways to keep cool in the summertime is key.  What we put in our bodies is also vital as we enjoy the heat rays.  Cucumbers are an excellent item to eat and has numerous nutritional value. It contains vitamin A& C, phosphorus and iron to name a few. This dark green rind is considered […]

From The summertime is great to spend more hours outside with our friends and family at the beach, park and places that the hot sun will blaze upon us. Contrary to our belief, the myth of dark skin doesn’t burn and need sunscreen is a lie.  The truth is all complexions can burn. Although […]