We ALL desire respect. It’s how you know a person or company see’s value in you. If you ever want to know how much they truly respect or value you, look at how much of what you KNOW they value that they are willing to invest in YOU. Whether business or personal, I’ve found this […]

Seasons exist because the earth revolves around the sun. So before you declare that you are ‘awaiting your season’ remember you’re always in a season and that season is there based on your position with the ‘SON’. God gives the season. He gives the spring just like He gives the winter. When those undesirable seasons […]

Ladies, a man truly values and respects what he WORKS for. If it took no effort to GET it, he will use no effort to KEEP it. It’s not just men either. We tend to value expensive more than cheap. It’s why the Bentley is more respected and revered than the Ford. COmmand respect and […]

In today’s society, to be guarded is not only the norm, but it’s safer that way. You never know who you can trust or who could potentially be the one that could harm you. This perspective will certainly keep you protected, but it will also keep the good that could come your way at a […]

God is up to something that will blow the minds of the people who underestimated you. Stay humble because it’s not your talent or ability that is making it happen this time. God just wants to prove to your enemies (and YOU) that He can do what He wants to JUST because He IS GOD! […]

Every one of us was born with a purpose. Whatever your purpose is, you have the seeds of greatness inside of you RIGHT NOW to be great at it. You just have to water them. How do you water your seeds of greatness? Realize Who put the seeds there in the first place and embrace […]

If it’s possible, consider putting a dollar amount to your dream. Everything seems ‘too expensive’ when you don’t know what it takes to make it happen. Do a little light research. You may discover that all along you’ve been desiring something that’s TOTALLY within your reach. It’s not a dream when you’re DOING it! Habakkuk […]

How effective are you as a child of God? Let me rephrase… With all of the God we sing, pray, preach, testify, and label ourselves with (ie: CHRISTians), can you point to where you are consistently effective and everyone who knows you would agree? Salt is effective because everything it touches is impacted. Light is […]

Moment of transparency here. God revealed something to me at the top of the year that greatly impacted me. He made it clear that there was more He had for me but couldn’t release because I simply wasn’t ready. It wasn’t that I had to earn it. It was already mine. I just hadn’t proven […]

I want to tell you a secret. It doesn’t mean you can’t tell it to others, but it’s mainly for you. Here it is: You have a secret weapon… God. It’s that simple. Your weapon causes you to ultimately win in everything in life that concerns you. Despite your financial situation, your secret weapon is […]

The main goal of our adversary is to convince us that we can be separated from God’s love. When he causes bad things to happen, he want’s us to think, ‘If God really loves me, THIS would not have happened!’ The further we are separated from the reality of God’s love, the closer we are […]

Some things in life you just have to take your hands off of and let them play out. This is not always the easiest thing to do especially when it comes to your children, family or loved ones. You can only do what you can do. For the rest, you just have to put in […]