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The main goal of our adversary is to convince us that we can be separated from God’s love. When he causes bad things to happen, he want’s us to think, ‘If God really loves me, THIS would not have happened!’ The further we are separated from the reality of God’s love, the closer we are to being controlled by fear. Fear is how the enemy runs his kingdom. God IS love, and that’s how He runs His kingdom. The opposite of fear is not faith. The opposite of fear is LOVE. The word of God says perfect LOVE casts out fear. Today when you are tempted to fear in light of the recent Boston tragedy, remember that the enemy is after your love. Don’t let him have it. The more conscious we are of God’s love the more we heal and the less we fear.

1 John 4:18 – (NLV) There is no fear in love. Perfect love puts fear out of our hearts. People have fear when they are afraid of being punished. The man who is afraid does not have perfect love.