ATLANTA, Jan. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — With the storm hitting the east coast, global parenting expert Jo Frost has put together an exciting list of family activities to consider, rather than using up quality time on computers, mobile devices, television and other technology. “Let’s challenge ourselves to not rely on technology this weekend to babysit us […]

Red Velvet Snow Cake with Snowman Macarons (makes 10-12 macarons) 2 x 8-inch round cakes, use your favourite red velvet recipe (mine was a bust…

If you have to cancel school because of bad weather, two administrators showed us how to do it with style. Michael Ulku-Steiner, principal of Durham…

More people are losing power. Georgia Power says more than 200,000 people have lost power as ice continues to freeze the metro area and winds and heavy ice continue to blow tree limbs down on power lines. According to the Coweta-Fayette EMC website, customer outages are around 74,383. In Fayette County there are 38,815 outages, […]

Georgia Power predicts that falling limbs and trees will cause widespread power outages during the winter storm that’s hitting the area, so several shelters are opening across Metro Atlanta to help people who need a place to stay warm. ALPHARETTA The City of Alpharetta is prepared to provide shelter for those impacted. The City activated […]

What do we do in a Power Outage? HELLLPP!! Here are 10 Survival Tips…. 1. Don’t Panic. Remember, there were centuries before us that did survive and raise generations of families without power so, you will survive somehow. 2. When the power does fail, don’t jump up immediately, take a minute or two to let […]

With another winter storm setting its sights on metro Atlanta, lots of school systems have decided to close. For a complete list of closings, CLICK HERE.

Atlanta and the metro area made national news for snowstorm 2014 and the traffic nightmare that occurred as a result. Check out some photos from the storm and what it did to our highways and travelers.

Two staging areas for transport will open at 10 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 30. • Drivers who left their vehicles on I-20 and I-285 west should report to the Westlake MARTA station (parking area), 80 Anderson Ave. SW, Atlanta. • Drivers who left their vehicles on I-75, the top end of I-285 and the Downtown Connector […]

With icy road conditions still prevalent in metro Atlanta, lots of school systems remain closed. For a complete list of closings for Friday, January 14, visit WSB-TV.