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What do we do in a Power Outage? HELLLPP!! Here are 10 Survival Tips….

1. Don’t Panic. Remember, there were centuries before us that did survive and raise generations of families without power so, you will survive somehow.

2. When the power does fail, don’t jump up immediately, take a minute or two to let your eyes adjust to the darkness and ease your way to a flashlight you will be surprised at how much better you can see in the dark when your eyes settle. No Need in running into doors and chairs.

3. Put luminescent stickers and flashlights next to your TV or nightstand so that you are able to get to them rather quickly.

4. Call you power company right away to report the outage but don’t keep calling. Once is really enough.

5. Have a self-powered or battery powered radio handy and keep it tuned in to Praise 1025/1029 for weather details, encouragement and inspiration during the blackout.

6. Keep board games handy for you and your family, scrabble, chess, checkers, or if you like me, and you’ve trained up your children in the way they should go, keep your spades cards handy with the score cards and make sure your ink pen works. Make it a FUN and Lasting Memory for you and your family.

7. Be sure to have a car charger for your phone in case you have to go out and charge it.

8. Keep at least a ½ a tank of gas in your car at all times.

9. Turn your refrigerator and your freezer to the coldest settings. Eat your perishable items first save your non-perishables in case you have a long-term outage.

10. Do you best not to open your refrigerator during an outage. That way you can keep the temperature cooler for a longer period of time. Your frozen foods may be good for up to 48 hours, and if you keep the refrigerator closed you can keep your foods up to 4 hours. It is NOT a good idea to put your food from the refrigerator or freezer outside. The outside temperature can vary hour by hour. Grab a cooler and fill it with ice as best as you can save as much food as you can in your cooler.