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ATLANTA, Jan. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — With the storm hitting the east coast, global parenting expert Jo Frost has put together an exciting list of family activities to consider, rather than using up quality time on computers, mobile devices, television and other technology.

“Let’s challenge ourselves to not rely on technology this weekend to babysit us but see it as a great opportunity to connect with our kids and be present,” says Frost. “While I hope some of you will be braving the cold and taking this chance to get out in the snow as a family, these are some handy ideas should you be snowed in.”

  • “Object Storytelling”- Pick random objects from around the house and challenge your family to tell part of a made up story using their object. It’s great to exercise everyone’s imagination.
  • “Bring in The Sunshine”- Increase that feel good factor, lay out beach towels, pump up the music, throw in a great picnic lunch with beachwear, have fun shakes and lollipops and everybody is having fun! Of course, don’t forget that hot tub in the bathroom. Now that’s what I call a fiesta!
  • “Monopolize Your Board Games”- You know those games, catching cobwebs under your bed? Get them out, right now! Put away your cell phones and Connect 4 for real. Whether it be Trivial Pursuit, memory games, Scrabble, Jenga, charades, it’s all about being present in the same space and enjoying the fun moments & experience.
  • “Trick or Teach?”- These are the moments as parents where you can really get to spend the time you need teaching your kids a new card trick or teaching them how to play one of your favorites like poker, dice, gin, dominoes or even backgammon.
  • “Art Up”- Marvel in the fun of using those adult coloring books and join the children; in fact, why not create your own comic story boards?
  • “Project Home”- Get busy playing catch up as a family for an hour; maybe it’s those holiday “Thank You” cards, recycling toys or clearing out last season’s fashion. Getting organized and taking the time will take a lot off your plate for some other day when you’re happy to be outside.
  • “Bon Appetit”- Plan out and prepare a meal to be remembered. Come together to design your menu and make sure everyone has a role in cooking and baking a warm, comforting winter dinner. Don’t forget to have a designated taste tester!
  • “Relax and Renew”- Enjoy an at home spa day. Give each other manicures, practice makeup and when the kids are all dolled up, start a fashion show of unique outfit choices. Be silly with it!

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