Twelve Virginia Beach residents left home on Friday morning never to return. On Friday afternoon, a former and reportedly disgruntled, Public Utilities employee entered the Virginia municipal building and opened fire on victims throughout the building.  After a gun battle with police, the shooter was killed.  A motive for the shooting has not been released. […]

With so much depressing and devastating news populating the country right now, everyone could use some positivity to brighten up their day and there is no better example of this than a black female neurosurgeon who just made history. Thanks to Nancy Abu-Bonsrah John Hopkins School of Medicine just made history, as she is […]

ESPN anchor Sage Steele is in hot water once again for her comments involving black people and racism. During a recent panel discussion on race, Steele reportedly revealed that her worst experiences with racism in America have been at the hands of black people because she is biracial, married to a white man and has […]

Protest and rallies around the US have been held but have given little to no peace for those the travel ban will have direct impact on. By now you have heard Trump’s administrations plans as at it has been the topic of discussion everyday since he made the announcement. But have you thought about how […]

Separating your business and personal life can be a hassle at times especially when employers keep a watchful eye on your social media accounts. Well this could all be a thing of the past very soon in Georgia. Georgia lawmakers are looking into a bill that could protect social media accounts from employer access. Representative […]

Imagine your child going off to college toting a gun… well this could soon be a reality for Georgia students. What’s been a debate for some time and even vetoed by the governor last year is back on the table being consider yet again. Bill writer representative Mandi L Ballinger says it’s for safety and students […]

Atlanta city workers are afraid for their jobs and staying silent in on going bribery investigation. If you have not kept up with the case folks are in hot water in what seems to be a cash for contracts scandal. This past week another contractor plead guilty in bribery probe and officials believe more will […]

Decatur fathers are filling the cafeteria at Flat Shoals Elementary once a month for All Pro Dad Breakfast. All Pro Dad Breakfast is a national organization encouraging fathers to connect with their kids and so far the research proves children are thriving with the support of their fathers presence. “Having them in the building makes […]

  Robbery while pumping gas in Atlanta has continued to grow and now moving into the neighborhoods. For weeks now these robberies have mainly been a south Fulton gas station issue but cops are seeing more slider crimes in the community while residents are coming out of their homes. Slider crimes get the name from […]

On Tuesday afternoon Louisiana and the city of New Orleans specifically, were ravaged by a tornado that left incredible damage and jeopardized residents that happened to be in its wake. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards officially declared a state of emergency as thousands were left without power and severely damaged homes. CBS News has […]

Many of us have received credit or debit cards with additional security such as the the chip, but unfortunately it hasn’t helped much. Id theft has risen by 16% in the last year. When you go to check out while shopping at different retailers you may notice some stores have not switched over to the […]

In the wake of the Trump administration’s illegal, offensive, discriminatory and just plain cruel #MuslimBan, which ride-sharing giant Uber appeared to support by crossing protesting lines at airports across the country this weekend, many are looking for a ride-sharing alternative and Lyft has quickly become the top option. However, there is another ride-sharing app out […]