Dr. Gloria Shares Golden Nuggets With Men and Women of Destiny and their Spouses

For Men and Women of Destiny

1. Take care of yourself. Men and women are sometimes unhealthy mentally, physically, and spiritually due to stress. Stress can sometimes cause great people to fall. Regardless of the call, failure to take care of yourself can end your assignment prematurely.

2. Work to develop healthier relationships with your family. Remember, the measure of a great man or woman is determined by the way one is viewed by one’s spouse and children.

3. Devote quality time to nurturing your love relationship with your spouse. Develop a date night as often as possible, have great conversations, engage in goal setting opportunities, and pray together everyday. Your spouse will feel much better about your calling when you attend to his or her needs with regularity. Also, a discussion with your spouse about the assignment may help your spouse to feel included.

4. Demonstrate appreciation on a regular basis to your spouse for his or her assistance to you as your pursue the assignment you have been given.Recognize that your spouse is also a person of destiny. Encourage and support his or her calling. If Christ is in the center of your marriage you will be able to negotiate and develop a common vision.

5. Begin grooming someone to continue the assignment.

For the Spouses of Men and Women of Destiny

1. Know and celebrate who you are and what you are called to do. Begin to use your gifts, skills, talents and abilities to be the best person you can be.

2. Acknowledge and embrace your assignment to assist your spouse in the work he or she has been called to do, and then serve your spouse with joy. Don’t forget that you too are a person of destiny because you and your spouse are one, so begin to act like it!

3. Talk honestly and openly with your spouse when you are feeling neglected, overlooked, and/or unappreciated. But check yourself to make sure your perception is accurate.

4. Find a good support system comprised of healthy people who understand the enormity of the assignment and can give wise counsel.

5. Do your part in creating a peaceful home environment. This goal can be achieved when you develop a healthy spiritual life and cover your spouse in prayer.