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When I mention Financial Gratitude, most people say, I’m thankful but… That’s when you know they missed it. The truth is, there is no but. It becomes very easy to get caught up in the day to day minutia and feelings that we should be doing something else or have more. Well theses are all valid feelings and thoughts but in the midst of playing the “I wish I had” and the “I should have” scenarios in our heads we become so clouded that we forget to be thankful for where we are right now.

Have you ever considered that you can’t get to where you want to be if you first not only accept where you are but are thankful for where you are and the things you have already accomplished with the promise of unlimited possibilities ahead of you? Of course it’s necessary to have goals but at some point on your journey to achieving your goals you must stop and smell the preverbal roses. You must enjoy the day and be grateful that you were given the opportunity to appreciate your life not for the potential and possibilities of where you’re going but for the reality of where you are right now.

God promotes us on the ability to handle the little things or the situations that affect our lives or our immediate sphere of influence. If we can’t excel in what He has already placed before us and become obedient to continue to press through the murky times, days of disappointment and despair- how can we expect to move forward to those grand things that will impact the world. You are going through what you’re going through for a reason. God is trying to show you something but can you stop the whining for one second to really open your eyes to see your impeccable future which is embedded in what is happening today?

Here’s an example. If a loved one heard you complaining about the shoes you didn’t get for your birthday, when they gave you a nice pair of shoes, but weren’t the ones you really wanted. Even though they took time to pick out the shoes specifically just for you. the shoes still serve the same purpose, but just aren’t the ones you desired. As time proceeds you treat the shoes like garbage and show a total disregard for them. Do you think that person would be in a hurry to get you the shoes you really want next year? The fact is, if you focus on what you’re not getting, you’re sending out bad energy and you block positive things from showing up in your life.

It’s so easy to think about what you don’t have rather than the resources you do have. If you’re focused on the immediate you often miss the ultimate.

Three steps to help you develop Financial Gratitude

1.Treat your bucket like a benz: This can go for any material possession you have. The question becomes how can you ask for more if you can’t take care of what you already have? It’s easy to say, “Yeah, that’s different.”, but in reality it’s not.

2.Focus on what’s working rather than what’s not: Don’t get caught up attempting to perfect our shortcomings instead of maximizing our strengths.

3.Write a list of what you have to be thankful for: Sometimes you have to have a 3H or a Head, Heart, Hand Experience to truly feel a connection to your vision or what you’re focusing on.

Finally for all of these to work, you must be willing to ask for what you need, in prayer and in the physical. You’ll be amazed of what happens when you open your mouth to ask versus assuming everyone knows exactly what you need and becoming frustrated when they don’t help. The best way to get the help you need is to help someone. Remember deposit before you withdraw and watch the interest multiply.

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