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Getting rid of scars, especially when it comes to darker skin types, can be a challenge. However, it’s still possible to remove those stubborn scars.…

The latest science suggests that it’s not just the chilly, dark days of winter that make us feel (and look) so miserable, it’s our diet. Eat right, and avoid the beauty and health hazards of the season. Here, the latest strategies for: DRY, ROUGH SKIN Indoor heating and long, hot showers will warm you, but […]

We’ve transitioned from Summer to Fall, and come December 22, Winter will make yet another appearance – hopefully a milder one than the year before (purely a selfish request of course). But no matter how mild or harsh the weather change is, one thing’s for certain, our skin type during the summer will undoubtedly change going into […]

Getting a facial can be overwhelming: too much jargon can make you wish you had a medical degree, and all the food references can seem as if you’re ordering dinner along with your treatment. But Allure has helped simplify the process so you know what to consider when choosing a facial: If you have acne, […]

There are simple natural ways to remove acne scars. The appearance of acne starts during puberty when the body actively produces hormones that causes too much sebum in the skin. The scars are often embarrassing and emotionally disturbing to many adults. How Being Happy Lowers Your Chance Of Having A Stroke When we are younger […]

As far as treating sunburns are concerned, prevention is the best cure, as treatment may take a longer period in completely getting rid of it. Most of the sunburns are first degree burns that are the affected skin is only red and painful, which can be easily treated with home remedies. However, there are certain […]

Late nights. Hard partying. Yo-yo dieting. It’s the lifestyle of many young people, but the bad habits of our youth can take a toll on our face years later. In fact, it’s precisely such reckless behavior that can impact skin long-term. 1) Smoking Between the drying out and the toxins and the oxygen-zapping and the […]

Does your skin immediately sting or turn red when you apply makeup or skin care products? If yes, then you have sensitive skin. In many cases,  the ingredients *sulfates and *parabens are the reasons why your skin reacts so negatively. Is it too much to ask for a beauty product that won’t cause you unbearable discomfort when applied? For a time it was, but some well-known and […]

Acne treatment products litter hundreds of store shelves in the hopes that one will be chosen to cure you of this embarrassing affliction – an affliction that’s followed you from your teenage years into adulthood. Because June is dubbed National Acne Awareness Month, know that you aren’t alone in your search for all sorts of solutions dermatologist-prescribed or over-the-counter acne products that positively impact your complexion. Preventative treatments like Zeno Heat Treat […]

In every drugstore, on every makeup counter, and in every fashion magazine, you will find some reference and countless tips on how to look younger. Women can use age-defying beauty products to erase and conceal crow’s feet, age lines and wrinkles. Plastic surgery can nip, tuck, and shed years off your appearance. It is like […]