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In every drugstore, on every makeup counter, and in every fashion magazine, you will find some reference and countless tips on how to look younger. Women can use age-defying beauty products to erase and conceal crow’s feet, age lines and wrinkles. Plastic surgery can nip, tuck, and shed years off your appearance. It is like women over 40 years old are encouraged to alter their natural beauty, because being an older woman is “wrong” or not as beautiful as a twenty something.

Well ladies, this article is not going to give you tips on how to falsify your age. Instead, we have compiled a list of tips on how to age gracefully. That is, embrace your age and the wise and regal beauty that comes with it. So, stop spending money on age-defying products, and spend more time on taking care of your beauty, health and spirit naturally. And, keep in mind that age is an attitude, and does not dictate your life.

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Practice natural skin care



Sun Screen


Don’t forget your neck, chest and hands need skincare too

Use shimmery makeup sparingly. It adds a glow

Get manicures


Exercise combining aerobics and weight work. Try yoga

Healthy Diet

Add olive or canola oil to your salad dressing. It may boost your skin’s radiance

Skip the sweet stuff. No sugar

Eat enough protein

Drink Green and Black Tea

Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Vitamin and Herbal Supplements

Vitamin C

Practice light to no drinking

No smoking

Make sure you get enough sleep

See your doctor regularly


Exercise your brain. Continue to learn and grow

Take charge of your financial future

Live Life to the fullest

Look in the mirror and say, “I’m older, and I still look GOOD.”

Be stress free

Be happy


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