Shaun King

In the aftermath of the Dallas police shooting, certain conservative voices and media outlets would have you believe the greatest threats to the nation’s law enforcement are Black men. Unfortunately for those spouting this rhetoric, the facts do not support the narrative. In a recent article in The New York Daily News, Shaun King explains “71% of police who’ve been […]

NewsOne’s Top 5 takes a quick look at the trending stories you’re talking about: Activist Shaun King Responds To Breitbart Claim He Pretended To Be Biracial…'s Milo Yiannopoulos alleged in a article that Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King is being deceptive about his ethnicity.

Shaun King, a racial justice activist, denied that he told a false story about being the victim of an attack tied to racism.

VIA: Shaun King, a 30-year-old, buzz-cut pastor, taps on the keypad of his BlackBerry while sitting in the fifth floor Midtown office suite of his fledgling ministry, the Courageous Church. “People from all around the world are giving,” he said, looking at the screen. “Somebody from Chicago gave $20 five minutes ago. Somebody from […]