The National Urban League‘s 38th annual “State Of Black America” report highlights that job creation in the country is of smaller benefit to Black and…

OSAWATOMIE, Kan. –President Barack Obama is taking aim at the nation’s income disparities, declaring that the middle class faces a “make or break moment.” He tells a Kansas audience that Republicans embrace a discredited “you’re-on-your own” style of economics. Obama returned to his mother’s home state Tuesday to invoke big themes of economic fairness, similar […]

Millions of American school children are receiving free or reduced lunches for the first time as America’s economic downturn has left many middle-class families struggling to make it. See also: California Schools Move Ahead With Healthier Meals Despite Backtrack In Congress The number of students receiving subsidized lunch rose 17 percent since the 2006, according to […]

As the sluggish American economy continues to limp forward, many black Americans from the public sector are getting pink slips. These layoffs are eroding much of what is left of the black middle class.  A recent article in The New York Times says: “Jobless rates among blacks have consistently been about double those of whites. […]

VIA: New York Times During the housing boom, Henry County, a suburb of Atlanta, had its share of racial tension as more and more blacks joined the tens of thousands of others pouring in, creating a standoffish gap between the newcomers and the county’s oldtimers. But the recession has begun to erase those differences. Blacks […]