VIA: Kasim Reed won the Atlanta mayor’s race by 714 votes, a recount of the Dec. 1 runoff results showed Wednesday. Reed won 42,549 votes while Mary Norwood won 41,835 votes, Fulton County officials said Wednesday. At 2:30 p.m. Norwood conceded. “Here we are at the end of a very very long two years,” […]

VIA: It’s official. Atlanta mayoral hopeful Mary Norwood has filed a request with the Fulton County Registrations and Elections office calling for a recount of the Dec.1 vote that presumably saw Kasim Reed elected mayor. Norwood lost the election by only 715 votes and under state law, she had until 5 p.m. today to […]

VIA: An elections board certified Kasim Reed on Saturday as the winner of the Atlanta mayoral runoff election by a margin of 620 votes. Barry Garner, director of Fulton County’s elections board, told CNN on Saturday that former state senator Reed was declared the winner of last Tuesday’s runoff election against City Councilwoman Mary […]

VIA: Kasim Reed maintained his close lead over Mary Norwood in the Atlanta mayor’s race after a count of provisional ballots by Fulton County officials Thursday evening. Reed now leads Norwood by 0.84 percent or 715 votes out of the 84,383 ballots cast in the election. The initial Tuesday tally found Reed led Norwood […]

VIA: As Kasim Reed  began making plans Wednesday for his first term as Atlanta’s mayor, opponent Mary Norwood still had not conceded defeat and said she will seek a recount. “If I didn’t think there’s a possibility things mights change, that would be different,” said Norwood, who trails Reed by 750 votes. Mark Henderson […]

VIA: Atlanta mayoral hopefuls Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed attacked each other’s records Sunday night during their final debate before Tuesday’s runoff election. Norwood accused Reed, a former state senator, of being a political insider, but the sharpest attacks came from Reed. He said Norwood, a two-term city councilwoman, constantly “got it wrong” by, […]

VIA: Atlanta mayoral candidates Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed dueled Sunday over endorsements, water meter lids, property taxes and the best way for the city to get more state funding. The latest battle was over Reed’s suggestion that Norwood, a two-term city councilwoman, tried to avoid an important City Council vote on March 20, […]

VIA: Atlanta City Council President Lisa Borders endorsed Kasim Reed for mayor Wednesday, saying he was the best candidate to improve the city’s finances. Reed, a former state lawmaker, is in a Dec. 1 runoff with Councilwoman Mary Norwood. Borders, who finished third in last week’s general election for mayor, was courted by Norwood […]

VIA: The path to victory for Atlanta’s next mayor is clear, even if the candidates don’t want to say it. It’s about race. If Tuesday top vote-getter Mary Norwood, a white woman, can hold onto her strong support from white voters, and she draws away a respectable minority of black voters as she did […]

VIA: Atlanta has one more month and one more election to go before it chooses the city’s next mayor: Councilwoman Mary Norwood and former state Sen. Kasim Reed will face each other in a runoff Dec. 1. With 100 percent of the vote counted, Norwood led the race with 45 percent. She maintained a […]

VIA: When voters go to the polls Nov. 3, Atlanta voters will see three smart, experienced, honest and hard-working candidates for mayor on the ballot. Given the dearth of leadership that has plagued the city, that’s something to be celebrated. The city faces a lot of serious problems, and many of those problems are […]