If people are talking about you, it means you’re doing something worth discussing. Whether they are singing your praises or scandalizing your name, if they are talking, it means that you are not in the middle of the road. Middle of the road people do JUST enough. They’re average. They are the top of the […]

Never mistake activity for accomplishment. Activity keeps you busy. Accomplishment keeps you effective. Are you more busy than effective? If at the end of the day/week/month/year you find yourself worn out but not much is done, you may need to reassess your level of activity. Make your goal to work smarter and not necessarily harder. […]

Moment of transparency here. God revealed something to me at the top of the year in 2014 that greatly impacted me. He made it clear that there was more He had for me but couldn’t release because I simply wasn’t ready. It wasn’t that I had to earn it. It was already mine. I just […]

The most powerful person you will ever encounter is someone with discipline and self control. The inability to ‘pull up’ has cost people jobs, marriages, friendships and even their lives. True power is shown by taking the high road when you are fronted on, embarassed, or challenged. It’s keeping your mouth shut when you don’t […]

There’s a Nigerian Proverb that says ‘A heart in love finds a thousand ways. A heart in question finds a thousand excuses’. Show me a person full of excuses as to why they can’t adjust, accommodate, pull up, or compromise for the sake of love, and I will show you a person who is more […]

No one has the power to MAKE you feel less than, unimportant, unworthy or not good enough without your approval. Until you mentally authorize each of those transactions, they are only opinions that have nothing to do with you. Embrace as your identity ONLY what God has said about you and remind yourself of this […]

Before May 6th 1954, the belief was that man could not break the 4 minute barrier in running a mile. This was the universally accepted truth because it had never been done. Then Roger Bannister came along, and he broke the 4 minute barrier. His record lasted only 46 days. Since that time until now, […]

One day last summer I decided to be ‘that’ husband and accompany my wife as she shopped… all day. I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed, frustrated and just plain tired, but I made a commitment so I stuck with it. On the way home I asked my wife, ‘How can you shop ALL DAY??’. She replied, ‘Well, […]

Take care to monitor your self talk. Internal conversations become external realities. Allowing the wrong thing to simmer on your mind without proper ventilation will inevitably cause an explosion. Just because you didn’t say it doesn’t mean it still doesn’t need to be handled with care. Vent the bad stuff to someone qualified to handle […]

Sometimes a person not believing in you has more to do with a them issue than a you issue. You’ll never fit a mold that wasn’t designed for you. Embrace godly wisdom and know when to stop trying to convince them of who you are and what you bring to the table. You may find […]

There was a season in my life that I often found myself praying, ‘God, you are all I have!’ The prayer was associated with feelings of severe anxiety. ‘Everything else is gone and all I’m left with is You!’ Eventually God answered my prayer and said, ‘I’m all you have but I’m also all you […]

If you are an evergreen, there is no need to envy the rose bush. Everything has its own season to shine. Be an expert at being you. Don’t abandon who you are just because someone else’s brand is in season right now. The season will come that you may be the only thing standing that […]