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Before May 6th 1954, the belief was that man could not break the 4 minute barrier in running a mile. This was the universally accepted truth because it had never been done.

Then Roger Bannister came along, and he broke the 4 minute barrier. His record lasted only 46 days. Since that time until now, approximately 1500 people have done it including high school kids. So the question becomes, what changed for them that had not changed for the millions before them? The answer is simple. Once they realized it had been done, their belief system changed. You will rarely achieve outside of you what you don’t FIRST see yourself doing inside your mind. Any success you want to achieve, first find out who has already achieved that success and study them and the principles they used to achieve it. Develop a circle of influence that is en route to or has already arrived where you desire to go. It’s hard to say what can’t be done when you have surrounded yourself with people who are doing or have already done it.

Proverbs 13:20 – Be with wise men and become wise. Be with evil men and become evil.

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