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I used to be so distraught when someone chose another over me. But I realized I’m not everybody’s brand & that’s OK. Coke & Pepsi. Both are OK. So is a Mac and a PC. They are 2 exceptional products. Because you prefer one doesn’t make the other wrong. Just not YOUR preference. Don’t be […]

Kurt Carr sits down talks with KD Bowe about his new project “Bless Somebody Else.” Carr dedicates one of his songs to his assistant that worked with him over 25 years but unfortunately passed away. The song is called “Dorothy” in which he explained why he felt that he needed to immortalize her in the […]

To be the asset that can potentially be in today’s culture, you have to be ok with thinking outside the box. Maybe your limited understanding of the path to wealth is what’s holding you back? Take a listen to this segment from The KD Bowe Show.  

Taffi Dollar, co-pastor of World Changers Church International visits Praise 102.5 with KD Bowe to talk about her “Radical Revolution Women’s Conference.” This inspirational event is so that women can converse about the idea of being “unfiltered.” KD Bowe gets all the details with her in this video.

Most people enter marriage for selfish reasons and it’s not like that’s not understandable. We are selfish by nature. It’s not like that’s a felony. We tend to take care of numero uno and that’s not a bad thing. Ironically though, that same reason we GET married can be the same reason we don’t STAY […]

Surely you don’t have to tell your spouse EVERYTHING… or do you? Are SOME secrets ok to keep from boo or bae? Licensed therapist & Life Coach Robin May weighs in on this conversation. For more info about KD Bowe or to schedule him to provide inspirational words at your next event, contact him via […]

The problem with messing up or sinning is not so much about the mess ups themselves, but rather it’s the decision to do so that causes the damage. For example, I can decide to lie, get away with it and ask God’s forgiveness and He will forgive me… READ FULL ARTICLE HERE For more info […]

Some people will never be motivated to work on their inside because their outside has gotten them by just fine so far. 20, 30 and 50 year marriages successfully make it because their biggest assets were more than her curves or the contents of his wallet. You can certainly get what you want with them, […]

Never mistake activity for accomplishment. Activity keeps you busy. Accomplishment keeps you effective. Are you more busy than effective? If at the end of the day/week/month/year you find yourself worn out but not much is done, you may need to reassess your level of activity. Make your goal to work smarter and not necessarily harder. […]

Invest in YOU! How is it that everyone around you seems to be happier than you? Perhaps it’s because you invest in others more than you invest in yourself. Spouse, children, family and friends all are the better because of you, but you are left unsatisfied. You can not expect a return on what you […]

Beware of living your life according to other peoples’ praise OR criticism. They are simply opinions. Are you addicted to OPO (other people’s opinions)? Here’s how you know: When someone can say something negative about you and it messes you up for days, or if you are immobilized if a person doesn’t give you their […]

Think back to the last time you REALLY ‘went there’ when you got angry. Think of the things you said and did that you aren’t proud of. The majority of us, if we would be honest, would have done some things differently. Many people are currently suffering the consequences because they didn’t take a moment […]