In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about the cleaning spree she is going on all over the house.

Erica Campbell talks about her life as a First Lady at her home church, and how that has had a positive affect on her every day life. It is a major responsibility, and not one that she takes lightly. Erica explains how being in this especially significant position in a church community has changed her […]

In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell tells a story of a woman who decided to ask her children what they thought about her. Each child tried to avoid answering the question, and the woman quickly realized what they really thought of her. Erica says the woman spent so much time being the I-don’t-play-that […]

Natural disasters take a great toll on families and communities. Depending on the event, families may be dealing with loss of property and loss of…

Kirk Franklin was recently with his family and tweeted how the father is to keep his family aligned. http://storify.com/iamgwoods/men-are-not-aligning-the-home-kirk-franklin.js?border=false RELATED: Kirk Franklin Rebukes Gospel Music Artists “Lifestyles” [VIDEO] Gospel Superstar Kirk Franklin Annouces Fall Tour [VIDEO] Kirk Franklin “I Smile” Video [WORLD PREMIERE]

It is very tempting to use the open spaces and closets as storage spaces for one’s own things. One must keep in mind that the guest bedroom is a room for the guests, not a place for keeping that tread mill or unpacked boxes, even though no guests may be expected for some time. Even […]

Entertainment mogul Tyler Perry has offered to rebuild the home of an 88-year-old great-grandmother who lost all her belongings in a fire. PEOPLE is reporting that Perry reached out to an 88-year-old great-grandmother of seven, who lost everything when her house in Coweta County — just southwest of Atlanta — burned to the ground. The […]

From GoodHouseKeeping.com: Getting rid of stuff seems to be the chore we all dread. But when closets are crowded, drawers are jumbled, and shelves overflow, it can really slow you down. Tackle the problem by taking a little time every day to focus on just one or two areas (like kitchen counters) that drive you […]

From Shine.com: Sure, your rooms look OK at first glance: You finally got rid of that lumpy sofa and own a set of kitchen chairs that don’t fold up. But what would an interior decorator have to say about the state of your home? If you suspect your attempts at “mix and match” just look […]

From the Denver Post: Megachurch, meet microchurch. Growing numbers of Coloradans believe the tiny house church, also called a simple church or an organic church, might be the mightier transformer of Christian lives. A recliner becomes a pulpit. A sofa and some armchairs serve as pews. Where two or more people are gathered in his […]

Bathrooms are one of the hardest areas in a house to decorate due to it’s limited space. Here are some easy ways to beautify your bathroom: 1) Express yourself. Have a small collection of candle holders or vases? Displayed on a shelf they add personal flair and warmth to a bathroom. 2) Fill a basket […]

From Hellobeautiful.com: If you feel that your bathroom is boring, it might be time for a bath update! Wake up a tired bathroom with these quick and easy bathroom updates that won’t break the bank. 1) Paint Your Walls. Painting is the cheapest way to transform any room. For around $20, you can have a […]