We MUST learn to love people from where they are. Are they right? Are they wrong? Doesn’t matter… its irrelevant to love. People will never love how much you know till they know how much you love. So how bout we stop trying to MAKE people change but rather increase our love game and let […]

We say it often in a casual greeting, ‘Hi, how are you?’ However, when was the last time you greeted someone this way and REALLY cared about how they were? After all, you DID ask. The reality is, most of us don’t care. Let me rephrase it. We DO care, but we have so many […]

We all have had moments in which we wish we could do something.  The simple things in the world are the moments in which we connect to people on the most basic of levels. Book Review: What Are You Doing With Your 86400 Seconds? The moments in which we do something kind for someone else.It […]