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From Bad habits can be hard to break.  However, the saying, “If you know better, you’ll do better” resonates when speaking about becoming educated on having good skin care. Having a smooth, shiny and healthy complexion is important.  A good skin care regimen is necessary year round but especially during the summer.  Our bodies […]

From Here are important tips to help you to feel good NOW: 1.   Know that all of your power is NOW, practice feeling good now and in the future. 2.   Decide that you will make the best of where you are NOW. 3.   Get in alignment with what you want, by feeling eagar and […]

From Coming to us from every direction is a vast amount of information on the best and worst fitness methods. Unfortunately, much of this information is subject to containing a number of myths that can leave you misinformed and confused. Trying to categorize a piece of fitness advice as fact or fiction can be […]

From Virtue (Latin virtus; Greek ἀρετή) is moral excellence. A virtue is a character trait or quality valued as being always good in and of itself. Personal virtues are characteristics valued as promoting individual and collective well being. The opposite of virtue is vice. Change the way you look at your life by moderating […]