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What is your preference? Coffee or Tea?  Whatever you prefer, there’s benefits in both but tea may have a slight edge over  caffeine but we bet many disagree.

What’s certain is tea is a great alternative and offers thousands of flavors to choose from.  Tea can be refreshing and soothing and promotes health.  Many types of tea have positive health benefits so choosing the “right” one can be difficult.  Having a little knowledge will allow you to pick the one the best for you.

Here’s a few that can start you in the right direction.

1.  Green Tea–  Oprah’s favorite doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz speaks highly of green tea.  He suggests having at least two cups of day is beneficial.  Green tea is made from unfermented leaves and contains the highest concentration of polyphenols.   The benefits of drinking green tea includes  boosting metabolism, regulating blood sugar, promoting digestion and improving mental processes.

2. Black Tea– These leaves have anti-inflammatory properties.  The polyphenols in black tea are known to stop bacteria from growing in the mouth, preventing bad breath and keeping herpes away.

3. White Tea– This selection may be more effective at preventing cell damage and stopping the growth of cancer cells. Studies reveals that white tea has been found to contain more catechin antioxidants than green tea.  It also helps with skin irritations and reducing acne.

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