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Now that you have your three big dreams figured out it’s time to Get SMART. How are you going to get there? Does the magic lantern deliver the genie who in turn simply grants the wish? We’re not saying it’s not possible. Anything is possible.

However, you will more than likely want to GET SMART. The acronym SMART stands for:

1. Get Specific about your dream. You want that camper to tour the country with. What kind is it? What is it decked out with? What kind of gas mileage do you desire? Is it new or used?

2. Your dream must be Measurable. How will I know when my dream has arrived? Does it meet these requirements or even better?

3. Is my dream Attainable? If your dream is to run a triathlon and you are still sitting on the couch for the greater part of the day you may have to shift your dream to doing the quarter mile or getting a trainer.

4. Is your dream Relevant to who you are? Does it capture your passion enough that even during the dry spells or life’s challenges you still are held captive by your dream.

5. And is your dream T ime B ound? Have you charted out where you want to be by certain times? Have you given yourself and the Universe achieved in a certain amount of time?