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VIA:, Hollywood Reporter

Mo’Nique has done it again. Once known strictly as a stand up comedian and comedic actor, she’s flipped the script and is now known as a dramatic actress, as well.

Her ability to portray an abusive mother in the big screen drama “Precious” was so outstanding that it has already garnered her a Golden Globe Award. On Saturday, it earned her a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award for best supporting actress.

“It’s exciting and it means the message got out,” Mo’Nique told the assembled press back stage.

She said she’s grateful for how her portrayal of the film’s abusive mother Mary Jones has influenced others to seek help.

In case you’re wondering if she has destination for her award, called the “Actor,” the actress said:

“He is going on The Mo’Nique Show,” she said. “They’re all going on The Mo’Nique Show.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Mo’Nique noted backstage that she’s seen “Precious” three times and is “good” when it comes to seeing it again.

“It’s a hard movie to sit through and watch over and over again,” she said. “We left Mary Jones on the floor. When (director) Lee Daniels said that was a wrap, it was. What I did take away, from my prayer to the universe, was to never allow me to judge. You never know.” And to celebrate, a humble Mo’Nique said she’d watch some TV and her husband would play “Madden.”

Watch Mo’Nique’s acceptance speech below: