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Jenimac Moment Family

Cherish your time with family.  In the hustle and bustle of life don’t get so busy that you discount the significance time with family has on your life.  It’s your opportunity to be affirmed and reminded of how great you are by seeing who they are.  It’s your time to be with people who can truly relate to you, this is why they are called relatives.  They have known you before you ever came to know yourself.  Cherish these moments because you never know when it’s the last one.  Take advantage of every chance you get with family because they come few and far between.  Time and distance has a way of spacing out having occasions together but once you come together somehow that time is redeemed.  So if you are contemplating whether or not you should make the trip to see family this weekend, my vote is yes.  Lay aside everything until you return.  When you come back you will have the chance to get back in the game with a set of fresh eyes and new memories.

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