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There are many reasons for wearing sunglasses: to protect from bright light, UV rays and prying eyes to help prevent wrinkles to hide Olympic rings around the eyes after a night of partying or just to look cool.

• The oval face

Here you are no limits. Retro, oval, round, rectangular or butterfly – anything goes. If your face looks too long, you can emphasize the horizontal line extending across the face with a butterfly shape. The face looks so harmonious.

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• The heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face, you agree to a broad forehead and narrow chin. Especially good you are oval and round frames.

• The round face

Round faces are much shorter than oval. Perfect fit square models and butterfly shapes. In no case you should use small, round sockets.

• The square face

Your chin and cheek portion is roughly the same width. The chin is sharply pronounced. Oval frames have square faces look softer.

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