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Award-winning gospel choir God’s Property reunited Saturday night for a very special performance that included a surprising appearance from former bandleader, Kirk Franklin. In 1997, Franklin received a Grammy for the album, Whatcha Lookin 4, recorded with God’s Property (known as “The Family” at the time). In 1998, God’s Property sued their record label for allegedly coercing the group into an “onerous and one-sided” contract. Saturday marked a very special service celebrating the family and their contribution to the community of faith and its incredible impact on modern gospel music.

The service, held in Garland at Mount Hebron Baptist Church, was flooded with a nostalgic community ready to move forward together, united by the power of divine music. It was particularly special for me, as I spent the whole of 1996 listening to Whatcha Lookin’ 4 on a loop. God’s Property went on to top charts with the song Stomp and become one of the most renowned gospel choirs in the world, while my ear became accustomed to the power of harmony over rich and soulful beats.

It was soon apparent these angelic voices and soul-stirring instrumentation are none other than the musicians holding together the soul scene of North Texas. Musicians like Robert “Sput” Searight and Shaun Martin (both of whom we have the great pleasure to hear play often) have been helped shape the music of North Texas. God’s Property is the single most influential body of musicians in Dallas — they are the heart of our soul. Follow the projects represented on that crowded stage, and you’ll discover a wealth of talent from Myron Butler and Levi to Candy West and Snarky Puppy.

This show — or service, rather — called us back to our roots as instruments of praise. The choir and band still sounded amazing together, even after nearly 1- years apart.

“Stomp” – God’s Property with Kirk Franklin

God’s Property reunion in Dallas