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Many times when people talk about being a winner or to win there is this type of cliché sarcasm that comes to mind. The idea that we are winners seems so far fetch that who would have the audacity to speak of it but this is not one of those articles. I wanted to just touch on this subject for a minute because so many people who are winners are losing. To know who you are is one thing to understand how you are to make it work is a whole different story. So when it comes to winning I guess the first thing is the big question, do I want to win? This is something I think you should ask yourself in just about every situation because to win doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be right all the time. The other thing about wining is in order to win you have to face the battle; never run from your troubles but face them.  Anticipate the battle, don’t live in the dark thinking the enemy will not try to destroy your family but prepare for the WIN.  People that loose are people that are not prepared.

Unfortunately when you talk about wining there is the opposite step sister called failing. I find that many times people who start off as great winners end up losing more than winning because of current failures or setbacks. I once heard of a book called “Failing Forward” by John C Maxwell, the title so intrigue me that I decided to buy it. And he was right there are ways to fail and yet move forward. I don’t have the book with me now and that was many years ago when I read it but here are some of the things that I have applied to my life over the years that have proven to help me in the end win even when I had fallen.

  1. Always be prepared to get back up even when you’re down. This is not something that may happen overnight but long as you know it will happen.
  2. Never be afraid to admit that you are wrong. I think denial is a huge crutch that so many adults use to stir clear of issues that will only arise again unless dealt with.
  3. Finally do yourself a favor and realize you are in good company when you fail. The next time you over budget think of Donald Trump who has filed bankruptcy more than once. The next time you don’t make the team think of Michael Jordan who played JV Basketball in high school because he didn’t make the varsity team.

See what I mean? Fights are not won by each round but by the way the fighter fights in each round. Most importantly the fighter has to be the last one standing no matter what even if he’s gotten knocked down in the first few rounds. So think like a winner, choose to win over losing, and never give up!

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