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Featured Organization: Foreverfamily, Inc.

Address: 387 Joseph Lowery Blvd, 2nd Floor, Suite A, Atlanta GA 30310

PHONE: (404) 223-1200


Foreverfamily, Inc. targets children ages 6-18 with a parent in prison, who are statistically more likely to go to prison than their peers. As a result of their parents’ incarceration, these children experience tremendous amounts of trauma, anxiety, guilt, shame and fear as well as: 1) decreased quality of care, 2) disrupted and multiple placements, 3) financial hardship, 4) lack of contact with their parents and 5) health challenges including upset emotions and other psychological issues.

For the last 23 years, Forever family, Inc. has:

  • Taken children on a monthly basis to visit their mothers incarcerated in Georgia Prisons (i.e. Pulaski State Prison)
  • Provided college scholarships to children with an incarcerated parent
  • Hosted four National Youth Roundtable events which were created by and for teens of incarcerated parents
  • Hosted “Atlanta Academy”, a 7-week summer Career Exploration and Leadership Development program for teens ages 14-17 with a parent in prison
  • Expanded outside Georgia in 2008 by opening an affiliate, Foreverfamily Louisville in Louisville, KY.

Our future objectives are focused on personal, academic, leadership and career development, and cultural and recreational enrichment, through the provision of after school programming. We plan to impact decision making, build individual and family capacity and support personal empowerment. Foreverfamily has been devoted to giving back to children for 23-years and vow to continue for as long as we are able.