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Depression in women

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Many of you are frustrated because you have put your hope in a particular way and it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out. Your hope has been misplaced! Put your hope in God, because He ALWAYS has another way! Even if there seems to be no way, He’s God … HE can MAKE a way.

Make your confession for the rest of this week: ‘God, I thank you for being my ‪#‎Waymaker‬’

We can all experience different times when our faith in God wavers. In the bible, Jesus took his time coming back to Bethany to heal Lazarus. When he did arrive, Lazarus was dead. Everyone knew Jesus as a healer so when he didn’t heal Lazarus, it felt to many like Jesus had failed them. In truth, sometimes God just wants us to know a different side of Him so that our trust can be more well rounded. They knew Him as a healer. Jesus wanted to show them that He could also raise the dead. There’s nothing to hard for God. Keep trusting Him even when He doesn’t do what you feel He should have done. Sometimes the most lasting lessons are a result of our most trying times. Be encouraged

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