Some people will never be motivated to work on their inside because their outside has gotten them by just fine so far. 20, 30 and 50 year marriages successfully make it because their biggest assets were more than her curves or the contents of his wallet. You can certainly get what you want with them, […]

Many people strongly desire success. Some even pray for it. If this is you, listen very closely. One of the most unrealized truths about success is that success carries weight. You MUST be physically, mentally and emotionally strong enough to carry the weight of success or else that which you desired most will crush you. […]

Genuine Christian love and being judgmental does NOT look the same! Be cautious that what you are calling ‘standing for righteousness’ is not just your way of bypassing your primary responsibility to love other people just like you love yourself. Ask yourself how you’d want to be treated if the shoe were on the other […]

Take care to monitor your self talk.  Allowing the wrong thing to simmer on your mind without proper ventilation will inevitably cause an explosion. Even keeping your real thoughts inside just to ‘keep the peace’ can have disastrous results if not handled correctly. Vent the bad stuff to someone qualified to handle it and replace […]

If you want to have real effectiveness in today’s culture, it doesn’t come easy. You have to fight for it. The art of being a good fighter is the ability to take a hit just as well as you can give one. Don’t fall apart when life takes a swing at you. When you’re making […]

Today’s Lunch Time Lifter was from Bishop TD Jakes entitled ‘It Was Never’. “It was never your victory, it was God’s victory that he fought through you.” If you missed today’s lunch time lifter, or want to hear it again check it out below:   Bishop TD Jakes – It Was Never  

  The Lord has a mysterious way of moving us. Yesterday’s lunch time lifter from Bishop Dale Bronner entitled “I Dare You”, has had the phone lines going crazy. If you missed it, or want to hear it again, check out the full sermon below. Bishop Dale Bronner “I Dare You”

Dr Tony Evans delivers motivation that gives life to women in today’s Lunchtime Lifter. Ladies ‘you are not an accessory. You are an essential. You are not a bonus. You are critical to the program of God’ View the entire message here: For more info about KD Bowe or to schedule him to provide inspirational […]

Rick Warren said that after 30 years of marriage and relationship counseling sessions he could sum up nearly all of what needs to be said in both men and women in these two words—-Grow Up. “You need to know that just about every other problem or challenge or struggle tht arises in your marriage [or […]

Many of you are frustrated because you have put your hope in a particular way and it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out. Your hope has been misplaced! Put your hope in God, because He ALWAYS has another way! Even if there seems to be no way, He’s God … HE can MAKE […]

Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see. I want to take time today to address folks who think it’s ok to be a ‘jerk’ in Jesus’ name. It’s not cool that you can speak in tongues in 6 different languages under the anointing, but can’t speak kindly to […]

Here’s a reminder – This situation that you are currently going through didn’t sneak up on God. He doesn’t have to create a plan ‘B’ because of it. Truth is, He measured it to see if it was the right weight for YOU. If you’re facing it… it’s because God KNOWS you can handle it. […]