Every Parent dreads hearing these words from their child “Mom, I don’t have any friends” It is heartbreaking to say the least to wonder why your child doesn’t make friends. Your child is more than likely the apple of your eye. You would probably never detect him having problems making friends.


The reality is, perhaps your child may be shy. It could be a number of reasons why, but when you child says this; it is to be taken seriously. When your child is approaching their teenage years, their reality is that popularity among their peers is important. Making friends is a process and don’t expect it to happen within a few weeks. Your goal is to help them make and maintain long term friendships.



School might not be the best place for your child to make friends. Open up your mind for new ideas. Look into extracurricular activities away from school to get them involved. Make sure that they are in attendance with church group activities. There may be a drama club in your neighborhood or a sports team that thy can be a part of. Your child doesn’t necessarily have to create their circle of support in school. BE CREATIVE

The worst thing you can do is ignore the problem and hope that it will go away. Address the issues as soon as you can. Homeschooling and switching schools could be options to consider. Utilize all of your options. Is it possible that you could relocate to another neighborhood? At the end of the day what your child needs to see most is that YOU support them even when their peers might not.

Here is the UNEASY Stuff:

Be sure your child’s personal hygiene is not the problem. Are they grooming themselves well? Brushing their teeth and washing their face every day? Be sure that your child is representing themselves with the best of esteem. I am not suggesting that you should by the most expensive clothes for them, but I am suggesting that you make sure that they feel good about themselves when they leave home.

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