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We live in a world where a Black man can be accused of burglarizing his own home and subsequently pepper-sprayed. We live in a world where an unarmed Black teen is shot and killed on the street he grew up on, even when he was complying with police. We live in a world where a white man, Lance Tamayo can point his gun at police and children, but still live to tell the tale. Do we really need more tangible proof that Black men are more likely to be shot and killed by the police than their white counterparts? What you will see in this video is just one display of the disparaging double standard Black people face when dealing with the people who vow to protect and serve us.

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In the above video, you can see 45-year-old Tamayo waving his gun around and pointing it directly at men, women, children and some police officers in Mission Bay Park in San Diego, California. We all know this story would have ended much differently had Tamayo been a Black man. Upon arriving on the scene, the officers were involved in an hour-long stand-off before shooting him once in the stomach, rolled around on the ground and was still armed.

The authorities then negotiated with Tamayo, asking him to move away from the gun. A negotiation, really? Mike Brown didn’t get that courtesy. Ezell Ford didn’t get to a chance to explain anything. Kajieme Powell lunged at the police with a knife and was shot down. The officers responsible in responding to Powell claimed that they had to use “lethal force.” I guess that same protocol wasn’t necessary for Tamayo, who was pointing his gun at the cops.

Once the officers were able to restrain Tamayo, they put him onto a stretcher and sent him off to the hospital. This is how other officers should have handled cases like Mike Brown’s and Kajieme Powell’s. No one ever deserves to lose their life. And it’s clear there was a different level of respect in the way that Tamayo was handled and allowed to keep his life. Black men are shot down for way less everyday. Every single day.

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