The Decision to be a Positive person with Charisma is basically up to you.

Try these sentence starts to give off good vibes…

1. Use the word “Yes more often than “but”   “Yes, going to the mall people watching sounds good.” Instead of saying “But, the mall is crowded”

2. I agree. “I agree that it’s too much to go to the movies and dinner, let’s pick one.”

 I appreciate …. “I appreciate you grabbing my bag for me.”

4. Thank you for….  “Thanks so much for inviting me to go, I’m very sorry that I can’t.”

5. I like (love, enjoy, etc) … “I like that hat on you!  You look great!” 

6. That makes sense to me because.…  “Your answer makes sense to me because it will help save money in the future.”

7. I’m pleased (happy, delighted, etc) that…  “I’m pleased that you thought to bring music to the picnic.”

8.  Good! (Excellent, Great, Wow, Cool, Terrific, etc)  Great! Let’s plan on doing that.”

9.  How…?  or What ….? [Note: These open-ended question words convey interest in the other.] “How are you feeling about walking at night since the young man was robbed 2 blocks away the other day?”  “What have you heard lately from your Mom?” 

10. Use Charismatic non-verbals exude genuine interest, smiles, laughterplayfulness, eye-contact, plus, give an enthusiastic tone when u speak.



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