Letʼs be honest, the majority of people that are solely depending on a job to provide for themselves and their families would be in bad shape if the check suddenly stopped. It

would take most about 3 months of no checks to be without shelter, transportation and probably food. Many of us are teetering on the brink of broke and playing a very dangerous game. Most have become so dependent on one stream of income that they neglect to think that the income could dry up at any moment. This fallacy can lead to personal and personal economic collapse.

Donʼt get me wrong having a job is truly a blessing, but itʼs not the end all to providing security for your family and definitely not the answer to building generational wealth or

generational security for that matter.

Just because your job my require limited technical skills, doesnʼt mean you donʼt have them. Many individuals can make renovations on their homes, repair their cars, service

appliances, make cakes, cook a mean turkey, sew, fix shoes etc., but donʼt see that as a viable way to earn additional income.

Itʼs crazy not to utilize the wealth of untapped abilities and vocational interests that you already posses. The reality is the best way to use these untapped resources is to create

your own opportunities by creating a self-employment scenario, where your earning potential can grow exponentially if you chose it to.

The sky is the beginning when you take what you have and create a new stream of income with it. If youʼre working a job for an hourly wage or even a salary, I can almost guarantee you there is a way to create another stream of income doing what you already have been doing or know how to do, just in another way. No matter how good a salary is, it usually isnʼt open-ended, where potential earnings as a self-employed person are virtually limitless.

The truth is financial potential is much greater in your own small business as compared to a salaried job. Iʼve compiled 5 principles that will help you escape a J.O.B. mentality

to take control of your future by creating new ways to earn.

Principle #1 Maximize Your Salary

Use the position you have to provide the capital you need to fund your new venture. Cut back for a few months to set aside a few dollar to invest in yourself and your idea. If

you donʼt believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

Principle #2 Identify Your Sweet Spot

Identify what you are good at or what skill you have that other are currently paying for and begin offering the services. Determine how that skill or talent can be used to solve

the same problem you currently solve for your employer or need you are filling for a different demographic at a lower rate.

Principle #3 Trim the Fat

Eliminate all things unnecessary and start rebuilding with people and relationships, not things. Cut out purchasing and spending time doing things that donʼt add value to your


Principle #4 Learners are Earners

Be open and prepared to learn new concepts and ways of doing things. You must learn a great deal about people, and how to successfully penetrate the marketplace. True thrivers learn how to adapt & embrace change even if it takes some time.

Principle #5 No More Fear

You must eliminate fear and move from where you am now, to where you want to be? Itʼs about using what youʼve got and using it well.

Being successful requires a realistic understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses. You must be willing and able to take honest look at yourself. Believe it or not, you have all you need to put yourself to work and earn more now. Don’t wait on someone to give you a raise. Why not just give yourself a raise and start creating a new stream of income now? consider hiring yourself?

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