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I consider myself a person who is well adjusted to life. I enjoy comedy, I am a comedian myself. At times I can be a bit edgy with even my approach to things that are humorous. I even laugh at a lot of things that most people may get offended by. So my perspective on Black Jesus could not come from a more pure place. I love Corey Holcombe and Charley Murphy, I even love the Boondocks. However, after watching Black Jesus last night I remember feeling first of all weird like, “where did THIS idea come from and WHY did the thought need to come all the way to a major network? Is there a need for comedy but a lack of creativity? Or is this really their best effort at being creative? I was trying to figure out, Why Jesus??? A Cussing, weird looking, weed smoking, 40 drinking JESUS??? WHY would anyone want to pick Jesus as a character in a comedy?? Perhaps this is an outcry? I just couldn’t understand why. And personally this going back and forth with He was Black, or White, or Jew…WHO CARES…HE WAS DEAD and NOW HE IS RISEN and ALIVE in ME…It NEVER mattered to me what skin He was in, JUST that HE REDEEMED my sin!!! (I get emotional… I have to admit, there were some REALLY funny pieces to this show. But here is my take on it. When people in our society have not had the chance to really experience CHRIST, they will always be settled on the possibility of JESUS being just a man that walked the earth and did great things. There will always be the struggle of fully believing in Him because too many people that even teach about Him, they don’t release the idea beyond the manhood of the CHRIST. I personally have far too much experience with the CHRIST to be settled with him being a man. The story goes WAY beyond a common character with innate divinity. As a matter of fact, It is evident through the approval process of this Black Jesus Comedy that far too many people are not EXPERIENCING Him…THIS is what is sad to me…The writers and producers even the actors in this sitcom couldn’t POSSIBLY know Him enough to experience Him because once you KNOW Him as LORD, Savior, Provider, Friend, Healer, Keeper, Defense, Peace, Joy, Hope, All in All you will RESPECT His HOLINESS…there is no way in the world you would EVER allow His power to be reduced…Especially not to a common man that looks like a goofy brother in a wig with no wit and no swag, that smokes weeds and drinks 40’s… What are your comments?